Are you a casual fisherman who would like to improve your catch? Or are you an experienced Catfish hunter who wants to add to his arsenal? I have something for both of you.

Over 80 Time Tested, Easy to Prepare, Catfish Bait Recipes Proven to Haul in Buckets of Catfish. Have your Buddies Admiring Your Catch and Increase Your Fishing Pleasure.


From the Desk of Doug Burns Apr 10, 2015

Dear Fellow Catfish Hunter,

As a catfish fisherman myself I know that when I grab my gear and head out to the lake I expect to catch catfish. I mean really, why else would I be going. Catching catfish is what it’s all about. Knowing how to make your own homemade catfish baits can greatly increase your chances of catching catfish. Here’s why.

Just recall the last time you went catfish fishing. You may have been alone but more than likely you were with friends. All of you had the same old store bought baits.

So what did you do when the fish weren’t biting that same ole bait? What you did was miss a lot of prime catfish fishing time. But imagine, if you could reach into your bait bag and grab the bait those cats are craving. It’s possible, because with your own homemade catfish baits you could easily carry a half dozen or more different baits with you thus increasing the chance that you have the bait the cats are looking for.

You could be the envy of your fishing buddies. As they watch you haul them in one after another they will soon be begging to know your secret. Don’t you think that would be fun?

It could happen. If, you take this opportunity to learn to make your own homemade catfish bait.


Here You Will Get This Collection of Catfish Bait Recipes That Has Helped Me and Many Like Me Consistently Fill Our Stringers

But look, I know what you’re thinking …

Will every bait be productive every time? No! But having multiple baits to throw at those cats practically guarantees you won’t go home empty handed.

Imagine how with just a few items from the grocery store you can make dozens of different baits!

With this book having multiple baits is a snap. Some can be prepared days weeks and even months in advance and kept until your ready to use them. Some can be made on the spot.

Will these baits really catch catfish? Yes, these catfish bait recipes were collected from seasoned catfishermen from all over the country. Each one is somebody’s favorite bait.

Does it work in all types of waters, ponds, lakes, rivers? Of course they do. The contributors have fished all types of waters with success.

These are homemade baits, will they stay on the hook? Better than chicken livers and the consistency is largely up to you.

Are they as simple to make as you say they are?  Yes, in fact one of the things I enjoy is getting my kids involved in the making of them. I always smile when I hear “oh dad, that stinks”


Here is what you’ll get..

1) 80 Proven and Time Tested homemade catfish bait recipes
2) Easy to follow bait recipes. (A teenager can make these)
3) These great recipes can be made in minutes. Some of them right where you are fishing
4) All ingredients are organic – nothing to pollute the environment
5) Some bait can be stored in the freezer for a month or a whole year. (You don’t have to make baits for every fishing outing.

"That’s All Great…But How Much Will It Cost Me?"

Well, in just a second you’ll see…

I’m going to reveal exactly how you can get your hands on this book for much less than you think.

First, there’s something you need to understand…

This is not just another bait recipe book. The 80 bait recipes in this book were chosen from hundreds. Giving you only the most productive and easiest to make from our panel of contributors. That's three times more catfish bait recipes than you will find elsewhere.

And that’s not even the best part…

You have my 100% Risk Free Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee – No questions asked. Simply return the product within 8 weeks and we’ll refund your money in full.


Now with all that said don’t you think that a book that is going to give you a lifetime of great catches is worth $19.97? Heck, That’s less than you would spend for bait on a holiday weekend.



But you’d better order fast…

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To your fishing excellence,

Doug Burns

P.S. – Right now you’re at a fork in the road – you can either carry on as you are – sometimes filling you stringer but other times going home empty handed- or you can pull out your credit card, click the order button and get on your way to some awesome catfishing every time out.

P.P.S. Remember…you have my 100% Risk Free Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee – still keep the bonuses as my gift – if after 58 days you’re not satisfied – I’ll refund your money…no questions asked